Gastric Sleeve Success: Christine T: 2 months after her Sleeve Gastrectomy at EWL*:

“After having my Thyroid removed in 2010 due to cancer I have struggled with my weight and with the diagnose of being pre-diabetic I decided to have Gastric Sleeve done. I did my research and found this clink and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The doctors were very informative and honest about the surgery and the results. The clinic was great and took amazing care of me, If I ever have to have any other procedures done in the future I would definitely go back to these doctors.

Gastric Sleeve Success: An exciting Update on Brenda M*:


Brenda underwent a Gastric Sleeve 1 year ago, and she hasn’t looked back. She has lost 110 lbs in one year! She walked into our office today, and our secretary didn’t even recognize her!

She has become more active, more energetic, and is enjoying life to its fullest! Congratulations Brenda, the team at EWL is proud of you.



*individual results may vary

Optifast Core™ Success: Anne P*

I started using Optifast shakes in Lent this past February, 2016. I weighed 265lbs. I am in a wheelchair so I am not able to easily exercise. I have been on many diets during my life, but always “cheated”, and gave up. I found the Optifast shakes delicious, and use flavours for variety. My favourite is the chocolate shake with peppermint. I also like the vanilla shake with pineapple and coconut. I am close to my goal weight now at 183. (A loss of 82 lbs). I would like to lose another 20lbs which would be 100lbs down.∗ I still love the shakes, and although I am eating some actual meals now, I feel better when I am eating the shakes. I get all the nutrition I need, which I don’t always manage when eating regular meals.
I am so glad my friend had gastric surgery, and told me about Optifast. It has really worked well for me.
Thanks also to Evelyn and the doctors at the Empowered Weight Loss Clinic for their great support and encouragement.
Sincerely, Ann P.

*Individual results may vary

Sleeve Success Story: Maha*:

I had  a Gastric Sleeve 9 months ago and its been an amazing journey. After doing a lot of research and even considering going down to Mexico to have my surgery, I decided to have my sleeve here in the GTA. The experience was pretty smooth, and I was discharged home the day after surgery. I was amazed at how well I felt after surgery. The one thing I notice most now is that I am not very hungry.  Before I had trouble resisting big meals and late night snacking. I want to thank the docs at EWL and Rowena the dietician. The entire team was kind, supportive and easy to talk to! I have lost 95 pounds and I am still losing. I wanted to include the above picture because now I go out to eat to socialize with my friends and have a good time. I have the waiter pack more than half my meal for the next day…..and I don’t feel like I am depriving myself!

*Individual results may vary

Gastric Balloon Success: Tina T*

I had the balloon in January and I recently had it removed. I started at 195 lbs  Now my weight is 145 lbs. I used to wear size 12, now I comfortably wear size 7
It was a successful procedure, and I am very happy about the results, I motivated all of my friends and family to loose weight. I have the tools to keep the weight off. I am never going to let myself get back to my original weight! Its like I have a new halo around me saying “You Can Do It”

*Individual results may vary