We are offering the  Optifast Program which has been used  in North America for 25 years. It is a medically supervised weight program that helps patients achieve their weight loss goals through a nutritionally complete meal replacement product along with lifestyle change through interaction with our healthcare experts.

OPTIFAST  is a medical grade complete meal replacement.  The program works through calorie restriction and also through stimulus control which limits how much food you eat.  The OPTIFAST program involves weekly weight ins, physician appointments and dietary consultations later in the program.

OPTIFAST was developed in 1974 to fill the growing need to address obesity in a healthy, effective way. As diseases related to obesity became more prevalent, and more people began taking drastic measures to treat the problem, OPTIFAST was introduced as a sensible option for lifestyle transformation.


At Empowered Weight Loss, your success is our reward! Meet Ann P. who changed her life when she joined our weight loss clinic. She is one of our many proud success stories*:

I started using Optifast shakes in Lent this past February, 2016. I weighed 265lbs. I am in a wheelchair so I am not able to easily exercise. I have been on many diets during my life, but always “cheated”, and gave up. I found the Optifast shakes delicious, and use flavours for variety. My favourite is the chocolate shake with peppermint. I also like the vanilla shake with pineapple and coconut. I am close to my goal weight now at 183. (A loss of 82 lbs). I would like to lose another 20lbs which would be 100lbs down.∗ I still love the shakes, and although I am eating some actual meals now, I feel better when I am eating the shakes. I get all the nutrition I need, which I don’t always manage when eating regular meals.
I am so glad my friend had gastric surgery, and told me about Optifast. It has really worked well for me.
Thanks also to Evelyn and the doctors at the Empowered Weight Loss Clinic for their great support and encouragement.
Sincerely,      Ann P.

∗individual results may vary



The Optifast program treat the whole person, not just the weight.

How It Works

The OPTIFAST Program is based on the use of meal replacements during the Active Weight Loss phase of the program

Proven Benefits

The OPTIFAST Program succeeds because it treats the whole you – not just your weight.

Distance Program

The EWL Distance Program™ WE BRING THE OPTIFAST PROGRAM TO YOU At EWL we realize that patients...


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