EWL Gastric Band Post-Surgery Program makes the difference

Our clinic believes the surgeon should be directly involved in your after care. Your surgeon will call you the next day to answer any questions you have and to make sure you are recovering well. You will next meet with your surgeon the first week after surgery to check your incisions and ensure you are following the post-operative program.

Your surgeon will always be available to see you as needed and you can make an appointment by simply sending an email or making a phone call. We believe that no one is better able to care for you as the surgeon who placed your band as they understand your anatomy and have expertise to pick up problems early and ensure you are in the right direction to meet your weight loss goals.

In addition, there is no additional charge for fills or defills if we perform your surgery.  Whether it is year 4 or year 8 after surgery we will provide fills and defills to ensure the band is working for you!

Please feel free to book a complimentary consultation to see if the EWL Gastric Band Program is right for you.


The Gastric Band at EWL may be an excellent option for you! Individual results may vary.